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A corner shed is a great way to utilize a shady corner of your garden or yard that would otherwise become a dumping ground for old half-bricks, lawn trimming, tree clippings etc. Shady garden corners are notoriously hard to grow anything, apart from weeds and moss - especially if it is under the overhang of a large tree or bush.

Corner sheds tend to come in set sizes - 6ft x 6ft, 7ft x 7ft and 8ft x 8ft, however larger sizes are available from specialist retailers and DIY stores. A corner shed is likely to start at around £350 and can reach any price depending on quality and materials, however you shouldn't pay more than £800 for an excellent standard, large corner shed.

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ShedStore is one of the leading online shed specialists and a great place to buy a corner shed. Two best sellers are the 6x6 corner shed and the 7x7 corner shed - these come highly recommended owing to great build quality and affordable prices. If you want one of their corner sheds professionally installed the service starts at £109.

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B&Q stock a few corner sheds with prices tending to be decent. You can order a corner shed online for free home delivery at diy.com, the B&Q website. With B&Q you get the service and trust epxected from a big name shop.

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